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We strive to empower our clients to unlock their full potential


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Our Story

Activate Coaching and Consulting was born out of the radical belief that organizations thrive when individuals within the system are empowered to unlock their full potential and are part of an inclusive culture that fosters innovation, creativity and positive change. 

Our Founder and Principal, Shaneef Karmali, climbed the corporate ladder for over two decades in fast-paced environments where living on autopilot became the norm. But he saw firsthand the toll it took on individuals and organizations alike, and knew there had to be a better way.

Shaneef realized that in order to break this pattern, people needed to be in supportive environments where they are seen as whole, creative, resourceful human beings who are at the center of organizations succeeding and thriving. At Activate, we help our clients unlock their full potential and achieve goals by providing the right guidance and support. The name “activate” and our logo were inspired by sensory theory in psychology, which emphasizes the importance of engaging the senses in the learning process.

We are committed to working with individuals and organizations that share our values-driven, strengths-based approach. Our goal is to inspire growth and activate potential in individuals and organizations, creating a safe space for innovation and growth. By enhancing individual performance, well-being, and team dynamics, we make a positive impact on organizational culture, ultimately reducing turnover, enhancing motivation, and delivering on organizational performance expectations.

Our Story


Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Our Mission

We strive to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential through a values-driven, strengths-based approach.

Our Mission is to inspire growth, foster innovation, and drive positive change that enhances leadership performance, well-being, and team dynamics. We are committed to creating a world where individuals and organizations thrive, reducing turnover, enhancing motivation, and delivering on performance expectations.

We Believe

We believe that building a strong and inclusive culture is essential for unlocking individual potential, driving organizational success, and achieving sustained results.  

We are committed to the principle of 'above all, do no harm,' and collaborate with industry experts to deliver evidence-based solutions that foster equity, connection, and continuous improvement.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a strengths-based philosophy that recognizes the importance of strong leadership as the bedrock of lasting and impactful change.

We combine evidence-based research with a holistic systems perspective to develop customized strategies that empower individuals and organizations to thrive.  At Activate Coaching and Consulting, we work collaboratively with our clients to co-create tailored solutions and enhance performance, well-being, team dynamics, and change management.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions, enabling us to provide top-quality coaching and consulting services. We cultivate a safe, collaborative environment that promotes growth, trust, fairness, justice, and inclusivity.


Cultivating success through collaboration, we tailor customized solutions to empower you to activate your full potential.


We believe that everyone deserves equal access to opportunities and resources, and we work tirelessly to create a more equitable world through our actions and our work.


Our commitment to Connection reflects our belief in the power of community and the importance of building lasting, meaningful relationships.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace Continuous Improvement as an ongoing process of growth that requires constant scanning of our environment and openness to new approaches.

About the Founder

Meet the Founder

Shaneef Karmali ACC, COC (he/him)

As the founder of Activate Coaching and Consulting Inc., I provide personalized coaching and consulting solutions that empower individuals to unlock their full potential and create positive change in their personal and professional lives. With over 20 years of experience leading high-performing teams in hospitality, retail, and real estate, I have earned a reputation for my ability to build cohesive and dynamic teams that drive cross-functional collaboration and propel organizational success. My approach is grounded in active listening, curiosity, and empathy, and I prioritize understanding my client’s unique needs to tailor solutions that meet them.

Our Collaborators

Our Collaborators

To deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions, we collaborate w/ industry experts in leadership development, diversity and inclusion, change management, financial and operational excellence, and more.


Finance & Operations Strategist


Operations & HR Consultant


Leadership & Performance Coach


Entrepreneurial Leadership Coach

Small Business Consultant


Equity & Diversity Strategist
Organizational Coach


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