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Hi, I am Shobna Kannusamy

Shobna Kannusamy is an entrepreneurial leadership coach and small business consultant, and proud engineer turned pastry chef who’s passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. With over two decades of experience navigating diverse professional environments, she’s learned how to build successful teams, networks, and charitable organizations. Drawing from her rich lived experiences across different countries and cultures, she offers a unique perspective that fosters deep and meaningful engagements with her clients. Through her thoughtful coaching process of partnership, insight, perspective, and clarity, Shobna empowers her clients to grow and pursue their ambitions with self-empowerment, courage, and vulnerability.

Shobna is a UBC Certified Organizational Coach and an ACC-designated coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She’s also a certified EQ-i 2.0 + EQ360 practitioner who’s skilled at recognizing and valuing individuals’ strengths in group or team settings. Her accomplishments as an entrepreneur, who takes pride in creating memorable experiences through her iconic bakery in downtown Vancouver, and as a nationally recognized judge on Food Network Canada demonstrates her unparalleled level of passion and creativity. In her downtime, Shobna enjoys dancing, cooking up a storm for intimate dinners that spark joy and intriguing conversation, dabbling in art with her son, and collecting a copious amount of stationery. Shobna’s dedication to philanthropy is reflected in her role as a board member for multiple charitable organizations. She’s committed to guiding her clients on their path of self-discovery and purpose, and her ultimate goal is to help them achieve success and fulfillment.


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Shobna Kannusamy (she/her) 
B.Eng, ACC, COC 

Entrepreneurial Leadership Coach
Small Business Consultant

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