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Hi, I am Rachael E. Sullivan

Dr. Rachael E. Sullivan is an Equity & Diversity Strategist and Organizational Coach with exceptional adaptability, connectedness, empathy, ideation, and strategic thinking. Using her training in Sociology, Rachael understands human relationships and connections as interdependent systems. She brings a calm and centered approach to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work, capitalizing on building rapport and deep listening to ensure EDI principles work within local contexts. Building on critical reflection and systems thinking, Rachael’s approach involves identifying immediate opportunities for ‘quick wins’ while also locating high leverage points within a system to ensure EDI practices are incorporated throughout.

In addition to her work as an Equity & Diversity Strategist, Rachael is an experienced Organizational Coach. She skillfully addresses conflicts within a system, allowing opposing views to be expressed. Using Deep Democracy facilitation, Rachael can support the processing of ineffective interpersonal dynamics to strengthen team dynamics and decision-making processes. Rachael is committed to putting principles before personalities, both when working group individuals. Her collaborative approach empowers individuals to set and achieve their goals, while meeting them where they are in their journey.

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Rachael E. Sullivan (she/her)

Equity & Diversity Strategist 
Organizational Coach

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