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Hi, I am Geneviève Van Ginkel

Geneviève Van Ginkel is a values-driven Director of Operations and Human Resources at the Kindship Llc. With over 20 years of leadership experience working with start-ups and global organizations across cosmetics, technology, and logistics industries, Geneviève is a customer-centric leader who is passionate about enhancing the client experience.
Geneviève’s experience lies in optimizing operational processes to create a more seamless experience for clients and employees, which leads to enhanced organizational profitability. Her passion for accountability has helped people achieve their goals through their own initiatives and actions. She takes ownership over her actions and inaction, modelling the behaviour to lead others, which has resulted in a legacy of leaders developed and promoted into more senior roles.

Throughout her career, Geneviève has worked directly with franchises, led multi-unit teams, assessed inventory levels and visual standards, and coached to improve employee and client experience. She discovered her passion for coaching and guiding others, which led to growth of shops and profitability. As a District Manager for Public Storage, Geneviève increased profit by 14% in the first quarter and flipped the business within three months. She opened and led the first retail shop for Apple in Quebec, responsible for vendor relations, discovering a passion for large-format operations. While at Bath and Body Works, Geneviève learned the importance of accountability and built skills as a leader, having courageous conversations, inspired through seeing a leader emulate expectations.

Geneviève is fluent in English and French, and her passion for helping people elevate themselves and build their internal confidence to success has driven her career success. She is currently pursuing an EDI certification and holds a PHR certification.

Calling Gig Harbour, WA home, while not driving results for the organizations she works with, Geneviève can be found exploring the beauty of the PNW, playing tennis, biking, travelling, or working on creative projects in her craft room. Her passion for paper and paper crafts allows for an outlet for her creative passion.

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Geneviève Van Ginkel (she/her)

Operations and Human Resources Consultant

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